About Homeopathy and Postclassical Homeopathy
Just as there are different ways of practicing medicine, there are different ways of practicing Homeopathy. Homeopathy originated about 200 years ago as a so called Classical Homeopathy and its basis was in the search for one cure at a time for the current physical and mental state of man. Then Constitutive Homeopathy arose – every person is born in the image of one remedy, somehow he behaves, somehow he thinks and if such a patient is given his constitutive remedy – in any given situation – this remedy will help him.

Both approaches sometimes have excellent results and sometimes just don't work. In our time also originated the so–called "Boiron" Homeopathy which either looks for one medicine as a Classical Homeopathy but does not consider at all the psychological side of a man or medicine, or mixes of different homeopathics with the body chooses what it needs. However, this is in complete contradiction to the principle of Homeopathy because by mixing of remedies a cocktail of mixed informations is created that can momentarily bring relief on the physical side but also can make a person put down gradually or completely disharmonised the whole organism.

Incorrect is the recommended dosage as well because if the given information to the body is correct just one globule is enough. So the heavily promoted and fully recommended in the brochures intakes of remedy five globules at a time seems like the original hidden intention of increased sales rather than the real impact. Why if one globule works with the particular information to serve 5?

Moreover, with repeated servings, the information of the remedy is strengthened and the effect is shifted more into the psyche, which then pulls out something that "Boiron" Homeopathy does not count at all with and cause patient be pretty uncomfortable in next days or months. But he doesn't figure it out because he lives in an embedded delusion that there is either an effect or nothing at all.

And then there is the so–called Posclassical Homeopathy which originated on the basis of Classical Homeopathy, deepened and expanded these basis and says that everything has its development over time, so does the pathology, and just as you use a different educational approach for a two–year–old child than for a 14–year–old, the disease also has its own phases and the appropriate remedies and Homeopath must reflect that.

Just as you do not erase the stages of your development from your body, the developmental stages of your disease are "recorded" in your body too. It is then treated as if you were cutting a cake until you get to its beginning. Unfortunately we do not have only one pathology (discomfort) in our body, so Postclassical Homeopath knows the way that your pathology has taken, will search in the right books in history collected related remedies, carefully select those, sort them, choose the primary ones so it doesn't hurt you too much, brings you the fastest relief without throwing off your system and gradually releases collected disharmonies to their roots.

It is a cooperation for a longer time, but it eliminates things that Western medicine has not even dreamed of and has a much higher success rate of treatment than Classical or Constitutive Homeopathy. The only inconvenience of this treatment is that things are "coming out" of you. Suppressed emotions, old suppresed by Alopathic medicine illnesses, old rhinitis and the like. For someone more for someone less. The most amazing bonus from my own experience is that the body gets or very close to a state of health and resilience.

During the treatment, Postclassical Homeopath corrects, specifies or supplements the remedies that "appear". Because some remedies have their clear place of "development" and some we have to wait until they show up.

Indeed, it is an alchemy and, in my view, a great tool to the future to assist the return of humanity to its health state.

There are states in which there is room for seeking Homeopathic treatments but there are also states where Posclassical Homeopath prefers to manage the current life of a health threatening condition with conventional medicine and only then work on curing causes of why such a condition occurred so that it does not recur anymore. The power of Postclassical Homeopathy is in the work with the whole system, curing the chronical conditions, working on the level of releasing the psychological blocks in favour of longlasting benefits of the treatement.

About illness and Postclassical Homeopathy
Everything in the Universe has its cause. Our sadness has its cause, our joy, our pain, the way we think, our behavior, and also our illness. Illness is not about what bacteria we come into contact with or what genetic predisposition we have to something. Illness is about our perception of ourselves, understanding and acceptance of what life brings = what we co-create.

The cause of our discomforts and/or mental deviations is always good to look for because then we can work on eliminating the eventual obnoxiousnesses, limits there is unlimited existence of alternative ways and for each of us can be something else. The important thing is not to let it be, not to leave it up to western medicine, or others, but to actively search, learn, understand and change.

Eczema, back pains, gynecological issues, upper respiratory tract problems, tonsillitis, coughs, inflammations, asthma, or any other physical suffering, as well as mental, emotional, has a major cause rooted in the psyche. The trigger can be vaccinations too, or other chemicals put in the body or an illness can be developed from a few different little chronic ailments. But these have causing roots in the psyche too. When we add to the mix a bad lifestyle or diet, we get most of the participants for the start of the illness.

There just are many, maybe unlimited possibilities of what co–creates all of those ailments together. And if, then minimally, the chronic ailment is created by one cause and in one moment only. We are a system, a smaller Universe, having many mechanisms for correcting, harmonizing what happens within, therefore our organism usually easily handles singular, individual issues. But when the individual issues accumulate and last and are not dealt with, a permanent load arises which causes lowering of the endurance of our whole system, our psycho–energetic system.

With growing Homeopathy practice i came to the conclusion that any life situations which we go through are building stones of our future mental state, our belief system, and our behavior. Plus the physical body of course. The base is certainly inherited tendency to think, to feel but then it is our life that “forms” us and our surroundings. So, as soon as, perhaps in the prenatal state or later, lays down a stepping stone of anxiety, fear, stress, anger, grief in the mother to be (because baby goes through everything with her, the child is already being born with a stepping stone of certain tendency to be born more sad or more stressed etc. And while in life there will be brought in situations that trigger in him “heavy” feelings, the base is being created for a problem.

On the contrary, if they are in a surroundings that affects them differently then that original and that original “sad” stepping stone is just a little piece of a road that doesn’t have to lead to no big pathology (deviation, illness). But will still be there within him (undealt) and can co–create for example a recurring rhinitis. As for the formation of our psyche. Maybe we can use the analogy of a spider web that is being created within us due to our life experiences.

So, if the understanding and dealing with of our life experiences is correct, our future thoughts and emotions, feelings are running through the spider threads correctly. But if in any part of the web something gets stuck (some unprocessed experience) the energy does not run smoothly, correctly through and following thoughts or feelings are being stuck or have to run through different routes, sometimes quite an incomprehensible siding and that creates “other” awareness or thinking. And that after some time, grows into manifestations in the physical body.

But also a joyful family can have a “sad” child, or a loving family can have a baby with a fear of lack of love. This is well–known emotion in children who feel a lack of love or fear of losing the love they have and the related problem of an upper respiratory tract. Because it is not important as much what one lives, experiences but mainly how it is internally felt and experienced.

You can have a horribly tough life and be joyful or have everything one can dream of and feel depressed. You can be loved and feel a lack of love or fear of losing love. It is about some disturbed perception of reality. You can try that feeling refute with a reason but somewhere inside it lasts, resides. No matter the irrationality of it. And no matter what you do, somewhere deep inside it still is and affects your mental and physical wellbeing. And precisely these bundles stuck in our mental spider webs can be very well gradually released by a Postclassical Homeopath, so the issues in the body are balancing out and also the causes in the psyche, those bundles are dissolving, releasing. It also relaxes the thinking. All of the rhinitis, coughs, anger, grief are leaving the bodies.

My personal experience is that the body is getting back into the condition it hasn’t had in a long time and can, by itself, deal with the guarding of its space.

All types of consultations are available online via Zoom, Telegram or Whats app from anywhere in the world. 

What to expect at your initial consultations?
During your first consultation, I’ll need all your information to identify all of your symptoms since the final remedies selected in your case are on the complete understanding of the symptoms you give me. Additionally, I need to know about your background and mental exposure; this includes your past, into the childhood and brief family history, state of mind, and emotional nature. I do not diagnose your condition, so “I have a migraine” or “I am claustrophobic” is not enough information. I’ll require details such as; When did it start? Where is the location of the pain? Other symptoms, along with the pain, are significant, such as: “what type of pain do you have: throbbing, pounding, or sharp? When are these feelings coming up? What makes them better or worse?” All these questions help me understand your “migraines” or your “claustrophobia” and guide me in giving you relief through a definitive treatment. A collection of all your symptoms is essential to find proper treatment. I need information for your whole system, so giving me symptoms even if you think they are unrelated is beneficial. This process is maybe different than you’re used to, but keep in mind that every question asked might have a definite meaning and significance for me. Each question is important; in that some symptoms, you may not think significant may be the factor we are missing to help you receive the best treatment. Remember, whatever information you may give me is strictly confidential. Note that your first consultation usually takes around 90 to 120 minutes, according to your individual case.

What is a follow up?
These appointments are for existing patients already. During the time you are taking your remedies, regular follow–up visits are scheduled to give us an idea of how things are progressing. They will help us assess your progress and evaluate your response to the remedies. The follow–up appointment will help nurture the healing process by keeping me up to date and help me assess whether to “tweak” your remedy or change it altogether. The follow–up visits are scheduled at 5 to 6 week intervals or as needed depending upon the individual characteristic of each person’s progress. We are all used to the conventional idea of going to the doctor only when we are sick. However, my observation has been that those patients who return for their regulary scheduled follow–up appointments complete their treatment in a shorter time and with better results.

Acute Care consultation by phone
Acute Care consultation deals with health complaints that have a limited life – they come and go over a short period of time. Acute complaints include discomforts such as coughs, colds, indigestion, sprains, strains, bruises, stings, burns, diarrhea, ear infections etc. This is a 15 to 20 min appointment plus check ups usually between 24 and 72 hours. If you think your ‘acute’ is just the tip of the iceberg it would be best to book an initial appointment to deal with the underlying weakness or imbalance that is sustaining it or to follow up with further treatement of other chonic issues. I am also happy to assist you on deciding which appointment is most suitable for you at this particular moment.

How many appointments will I need?
This depends on your individual needs, the nature of your illness, how long you’ve had the condition, your emotional needs and your response to the remedies. I only take on clients who are committed to their health and treatement, as very few conditions can be treated in just a single session. You may feel better after the initial remedies, but a full treatment programme is recommended to harmonise and strengthen your whole system.

Free Discovery call
You can book a 15 minute free call with me to find out if Homeopathy is best choice for you or to get a more in depth picture of what Homeopathy is or get answered your other questions. Please use the contact information on this website to get in touch with me. 

Examples of treated chronic diseases
Allergies, asthma, hay fever, eczema 
Autoimmune diseases
Chronic diseases of the digestive and respiratory system
Enlarged nasal and cervical tonsils
Inflammation of the urinary tract, kidneys, cysts and tumors
Skin diseases, warts
Infertility, menstrual and hormonal problems
Difficulty in menopause
Diseases of the thyroid gland
Neurological problems
Weakened immunity
Psychological problems – depression, anxiety, panic, insomnia
Behavior and concentration disorders in children, autism, Asperger's syndrome, ADHD
Urination in children

Examples of treated acute diseases
Angina, laryngitis
Cough and bronchitis
Ear and eye infections
Children's eruptive diseases
Diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, colic, abdominal and stomach pain
Urinary tract infections
Injuries and traumas – sprains, muscle strains, nerve injuries, burns
Motion sickness, pregnancy sickness
Heatstroke, overheating in the sun, consequences of insect bites
Loss of a close person or animal
And others.

After our consultation client receives instructions to purchase remedies in the country of his or her residence. In exceptional cases, I send the medicines after our mutual agreement.

How to prepare your homeopathic remedy in water 


About me
At the end of three year studies i received my Diploma in Classical and Postclassical Homeopathy in Prague, at Czech School of Classical Homeopathy. I opened my practice shortly after and the last two years i have been working online, since more and more of my clients come from different parts of the world. Since my childhood i have been interested in holistic health and specially Homeopathy, medicinal plants and other natural substances that Homeopathy uses from mineral or animal kingdoms. I have a deep respect for humans and all of our other bodies and love assisting my clients, harmonising and restoring overall wellbeing. I strongly believe in individual approach, treating each one of my clients as a whole, unique being. I consistently update my studies by immersing myself in seminars and courses. You will find more information about what Homeopathy is at the top of my website and i am open to answer any further questions personally too. I love to work with people who are dedicated to their healing process and fully support them to take back the ownership of their health. I work work with individuals, whole families, children or pets as we all share one unique force and the space of true deep health and wellbeing is for all.

I am a member of the Slovak Chamber of Homeopaths /SKH/, which is a professional association of homeopaths in Slovakia. SKH is a member of the International Council for Homeopathy ICH, the European Central Council of Homeopaths ECCH and the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization WHAO.



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